About Us     

Wig Vault is an e-commerce store that has the perfect hair piece for anyone and everyone! We specialize in 100% premium quality human hair wigs from the most luxurious brands. Our wig specialists have years of experience and will help you achieve your hair goals by custom styling each piece before it leaves our doors. Here at Wig Vault, we want all of our clients to look and feel fabulous. We give them the key to unlock the best deals and on wigs in our vault!

     Our Founder     

Wig Vault was founded by Haley McCoy in Mesa, Arizona. Haley has over 10 years of experience in the wig industry. She has been wearing human hair wigs for seven years and before that, customized hair pieces for her family and friends. Haley has a passion for wigs – and those who wear them!

     Our Commitment to You     

We want all our clients to have the ultimate wig experience. Whether it be the style, color, or any other inquiries about your wig, we want to help! Wig Vault is a purveyor of great service, and we want all of clients to experience our dedication to each individual that chooses us.